Poem: Failing

Young boy young boy

how we fail you

Blurry world blows by

brushing busy nonsense

between dark-colored lines

What do you see

when you look off into air

giant pink butterflies

fluttering near

whispering closely into your ear

please listen please listen

I’ve got something to say

But teachers just get angry

so it flies away

Why can’t you sit and be quiet

you twitch and squirm

and touch other kids

waving your arms

run around run around

you’ll never learn

Pupils are huge

you don’t seem to care

you’re sitting all wrong

with your feet through the chair

you talk too much

or you sit and stare

Young boy young boy

what will we do

we’re tired of trying

but it doesn’t seem fair

If we can’t help you

then how will you grow

Into a man

facing issues

I know




6 thoughts on “Poem: Failing

  1. Please do not give up, I would miss you and others would too. I know sometimes it’s tempting as I have been there many times, but there are reasons we do what we do and even if we only touch one person (and usually it is more) that one person may be more significant than loads of people (I am of the opinion there is value in fewer than value in numbers) xo

  2. Oh I agree, and honestly, I’ve never done it to gather fans. I’ve just wondered why I can’t seem to find the muse lately. Like maybe it’s time to do other things? Maybe she needs a rest? But I always appreciate your support and the couple of others that do.

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