Poem: Hole

I miss you

far away far away

tear-streaming side-splitting

laughter together

you cooking sushi

and me standing near

or quietly reading

while you’re on the computer

I miss you upstairs

knowing you’re there

clicking off all the lights

heading for bed

now you’re just far


and it’s left a big










8 thoughts on “Poem: Hole

  1. Oh my heart. ..this is such a poignant piece. I feel how much you miss this person. I wish it was not so for you……

  2. That is why it went straight to my heart. Too many people and things to miss. You expressed that feeling beautifully. Love you.

  3. While this poem is about missing many things and people, that particular line is about when my youngest daughter still lived with me. She would often make wonderful sushi for us to eat….xo

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