Poem: 17

One more sick

abandoned child

take Lucifer’s hand

and go Heaven up

to rain down wild

with hate no heart

Your Mother left dark

Father a hole

nothing you took

would fill your soul

The world now turns

17 lighter

Shattered and sadness

killing the gladness

Add to the countless

that suffer their fate

The spirits gather round

holy disquieting gate

for they wait

in bloodless shock

as the next enter

their flock






4 thoughts on “Poem: 17

  1. Our shattered broken hearts are ripped opened yet again. We mourn in community with all the same questions and no answers for the bereaved.

  2. I often feel the same way, but today during my meditation, I realized it is time to reawaken my power and magic and do more of it for good in the world again. Remember how strong we used to be and how much we accomplished?

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