Poem: Dearest

Hands wrapped round

lonely lost child

hide and seek come out

and smile

Touched with warmth inside

the past slipping distant

sweet kiss

on lips long laughter gone

now sing sweet song

Close face pressed

cheek to virgin speaking

whisper soft past meaning

fondly lift heavy heart








4 thoughts on “Poem: Dearest

  1. Love you too and miss you so much. I was thinking yesterday: when was the time when a ‘group’ of people actually liked me and I got along with them? Because it seems that this no longer happens with me… And I thought back and realized it was Chrysalis. Why, I wonder? Why that group of women, why not now? I have changed I know and am so selective now; but I also can’t help but think that was a special time and group….

  2. There has been nothing like Chrysalis since. It was a life changing experience and I will forever be grateful for that time….

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