Poem: Gossip

Parrots swoop in their group

They provoke me to ponder

Could I teach them to speak?

Instead of a squawk

We all could talk

Imagining the things we’d say

them what they see

flying high every day

And me with my thoughts

as I walk on my way

Would they be easy to teach

a figure of speech

or the nuance and joke?

So many of them

and just one of me

conversing quite difficult

when they sit in the trees

Yet one thing for sure

is that talking with birds

won’t be nearly as absurd

as chatting with those

from my own catty herd




4 thoughts on “Poem: Gossip

  1. I completely agree with this piece. I quite prefer the conversation of birds and animals to people most day. So much easier and oh so pleasant.. ..

  2. So much bad mouthing where I work and live! It’s quite unbelievable among grown people. I figure if they are doing it about others, then they are doing it about me. It’s so mean….I don’t get it. Is this a woman thing, or does everyone do it?

  3. I would hope it’s not just a woman thing. I wonder if guys just gossip different? People can be the worst…..

  4. You may be right. In my last career I worked with many men. They certainly talked about people in a mean spirited way, or even got physical with each other. I think the difference I’ve found is that women may pretend to be nice, then talk behind each others back. Men may just say it like it is…

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