Poem: Speak Sweet

His words then

ring ring

true today

the voice that

speaks sweet

only time can solve race injustice

some said to him

It has not

Black ghost

talking before us



in winters of delay

When will The Dream come true?

destinies of Negro and White man tied together

Rip the bonds of inequality

and weave nets strong enough

to catch us all

as we come together

through time


Note: I am spending today listening to Martin Luther King Jr speeches, especially some I have never heard before. The words in italics are his.


2 thoughts on “Poem: Speak Sweet

  1. It must have been so interesting to listened to some of Martin Luther Kings lesser known speeches. Was he so ahead of his time? Will our world ever be free of racism and prejudice? Is it possible for the human race to grasp the seemingly simple concept of just “getting along”? I certainly don’t know any of these answers. We can only speak out, lead by example, and treat people with humanity and respect in our corner of the world. People can be led to better places but sadly I have learned it doesn’t always take. We have to start from the bottom up. Thank you as always for being a loving voice in this human wilderness.

  2. Yes, his speeches could be made today and make sense today. It seems as though nothing much has changed. He’s a brilliant man and orator. It really hits me so hard that his life was taken way too early as his energy, words and hope was a vital and important hope in the world. I agree, we all must do the best we can as individuals for sure, but I hope to do more than that some day.

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