Just A Wee One


Finally I have landed a wee job that fits in perfectly with the criteria I had listed in my head (I hope). It’s been a long and interesting year experimenting with various things while waiting to find something, but hopefully this will work.

It’s nothing much really, but that’s part of my plan. Just a little PT position in a very small Charter school working as a lunch monitor.

So here’s how it fit the bill and my way of thinking:

  • It’s Part time: It’s in the middle of the day so allows me my workout in the am and the ability to get home for the pets in the afternoon or any chores/appointments.
  • It’s a no-brainer: After 20 years of the stress of being a paramedic, I didn’t want to do anything too difficult. Yes, I know, maybe I’m being lazy, but for now, this is the case.
  • It’s NOT in healthcare: I had made a distinct decision that I was pulling out of working in healthcare altogether. This is why I’ve had such a hard time finding something I reckon. With my resume reflecting 20 years in the business, not many folks were interested in taking a chance on me for something new.
  • It’s something new!: This is the very reason it seemed cool. While it’s not some deep, difficult task, at least it’s different.
  • It’s fun: The kids are great (albeit VERY noisy) and it will be a great new challenge to work closely with this population for a change. I’ve had my own of course, but now I have 300!
  • It has potential for more: I’ve been assured it has growth potential should I want it at some point. But for now I am quite content with the hours.
  • It’s close to home: After commuting 40 minutes each way (in ice storms) for so many years, having a job very close is a blessing.
  • I’m in ‘the system’: Once I’m within the public school system (yes, Charter schools are publicly funded), there can be potential for movement.
  • I can handle just about anything for a few hours: Even if there are difficulties, it’s only a few hours a day and plenty of vacations!

So all in all, I hope this works out. My fellow employees in the lunch room seem nice too. I have no idea how I will begin to memorize the names of all these children, but hey, I’ll figure it out.

And I’ve already ordered special ear plugs that will hopefully block out some of the major noise, but allow me to still hear them when they talk to me. (I mean it is REALLY loud in this tiny room!)

But I have to say, we never lose parts of ourselves… Because as I look around at all these kids eating and talking, and eating and laughing, and eating and being silly— the paramedic in me can’t help but think:

Just keep chewing, swallowing and breathing… NO CHOKING allowed!!



14 thoughts on “Just A Wee One

  1. Oh my dear friend I am going to keep praying that this is just the job you need for right now!! Children are such interesting people to be around. And there is NO laziness on your part. They are also a challenge in large or small numbers! So no choking on your watch and just enjoy the lttles. They keep us young. I love you😘😘

  2. I see paper airplanes flying across the room hehe. That’s wonderful, many personal benefits for your as you take on a new role. That effort to center and balance will pay off 🙂

  3. sounds fabulous !!! you’ll be a bright light in their day !!! and make a difference ! blessings !

  4. Many years ago now, I worked as a teacher’s assistant in preschool. It was interesting and I learned something new every day. Actually, something the children said way back then — gave me the idea for my current website address ‘Stories with No Books.’ They got tired of teachers reading the same school books every day, so they would often ask me to ‘read’ another one of my stories with no books. And so…I would pull another new tale out of thin air (which is what I just did on Christmas Eve with my short blog about a Christmas cat on patrol).
    I certainly understand why watching children being silly, laughing, talking, and eating all at the same time– would bring out your ‘ inner paramedic’ thinking “NO CHOKING!”
    There were many times when I worried about that too!
    I hope you are enjoying the holidays and wishing you a very happy and creative New Year!!

  5. This sounds like a wonderful experience. I can’t say I’m having the same… A lunch monitor in a small Charter school, I’m seeing, is just someone who has to listen to a lot of yelling. We can’t seem to keep the noise level down and these schools don’t seem to have much recourse. I can’t say it’s my ‘calling’ but it gets me out of the house every day and a few bucks…. Have a great New Year!!

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