Don’t Fight The Good Fight

Do you remember the old song that had the lyrics: “I fought the law and the law won”….

Well, I sort of feel like this…not exactly that I have been fighting the law, but a similar looming entity in America that, to me at least, now just feels like a gigantic monster that no longer has the capabilities, abilities or desire to do what it originally was set up to do.

Can you guess?? It’s health care. For months now I have been trying to schedule a routine mammogram and have been getting nowhere. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say I have been lead down the dark alleyways of jargon, insurance codes, doctor referrals (or refusals to do so), authorization and the inability of one organization to speak to another –therefore leaving me, the patient, in the middle….

….With no idea what anyone is talking about. I’m in the unfortunate situation of being on Obamacare (or not, depending on how you see this), so the waters become very murky;more shady than usual. No doctors take it where I live, so most everywhere I go is an out-of-pocket expense.  I have it mostly for my one medication. But my understanding was that a routine mammo was covered…. So, I was determined to GET it covered!

After fighting with my doctor, and central scheduling, then trying Planned Parenthood, then central scheduling again, then speaking with Blue Cross at least three times and getting three different stories (all of this over and over)…. and this all after having three appointments scheduled and canceled over a period of months—I decided enough.

Healthcare? I was losing my mind. This all was causing me so much stress; I couldn’t sleep. I’ve had a concern too and really needed this mammo yet was getting nowhere! Only two people I spoke to on this entire messed up journey were actually sympathetic. Most either could barely speak English or just read off a script, and contradicted each other. One I actually spoke to her manager to compliment her because I had to talk to her so many times; she at least seemed to care.

So finally, I made a decision because I could see the fight was leading me to a dead-end and draining me of energy. It would be yet another out-of-pocket expense… I would just have to pay for the thing myself. And miraculously I had an appointment the next day!

I guess the moral of the story is that they wear you down until you succumb. Maybe this is part of the plan now. Read the small print…. If they can drive you crazy and stress you out bad enough over enough years, maybe you will die sooner.

So anyway, I fought the healthcare system and I lost bad….


6 thoughts on “Don’t Fight The Good Fight

  1. I’m so sorry! Healthcare is a confusing nightmare, made all the worst when the care you are trying to get is so very necessary. And the upcoming doctor shortage everyone is predicting is only going to make things worse, sadly.

  2. I am so sorry that you had to go through so much stress for what should have been something simple! The healthcare system in this country is very messed up. Last week we took my father to the ER because he was having seizures and they wouldn’t do an MRI they just gave him some medicine and sent him home and the next day he was feeling even worse and continued to have seizures. We took him to the ER again and my mom begged them to do an MRI because she felt he might have some inflammation in his brain and so when they finally did the MRI he did have inflammation and so they hospitalized him and gave him stronger medications and luckily he’s doing better now, it’s just sad that we had to go through such a hassle! I wish you the best of luck with the mammogram and wish you the best of health!

  3. In some ways we have come so far in medicine and health. Unfortunately it is the human/patient that needs the system that gets left bewildered and bogged down at the time they can handle it the least. The stories are everywhere and I don’t think the people who work in the system know it any better sometimes. When something serious befall us, it becomes up to us to become students of our own health and well being. We have to be on top of and aware of our own care, especially when multiple docs are involved. We are all only as capable as the tools and knowledge and compassion that we have to work with. Sounds like you had to pull out everything you have to get your mamo. As one who loves you, thank you for fighting and keeping yourself healthy in spite of the system…..

  4. I have wanted to be one of the those folks who help people navigate the system, esp when they get a terrible diagnosis. But it seems hard to find those jobs. Yes, this (as you know) was really crazy for me and I ended up paying $250 myself when I don’t really think I should have…blah.

  5. I’d rather have a shortage than churning out ones that don’t care. That seems to be the case with the newest RN’s. It’s all just a big stinking mess and as my friend said in an earlier comment, it seems the sicker the patient, the worse it is. If you are sick, the last thing you need is to navigate the garbage of all this stuff! It’s such a horrible thing to put people through. Even well folks can’t do it.

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