Post Irma

All is well and internet is just back up. We really dodged a bullet. Our area for the most part was not hit badly so we were very blessed. The power came back quickly and neighbors all helped each other. For now I will simply share some photos. The are during and after. It’s amazing how after everything just is completely back to normal. It’s like nothing happened….but it totally did!


12 thoughts on “Post Irma

  1. Thanks Ann. We really did fine. It was weird, but OK. It just lasted a long time, not like most hurricanes from what I understand. I was here for Matthew too which pushed through very fast. Luckily my Mom had power back fast too or I would have been very worried about her. But she’s really trouper. She wasn’t worried at all! xo

  2. So glad you and your mom are fine. Life can be interesting at times… Love it that it was such a good neighbor experience. Out of hard things come goodness sometimes. Love you.

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