Poem: Hurricane Reverie

Weathering a storm

laying flat

floating on a yoga mat

deep below the pressure

The careening dervish slicing bits

sharp edges

protruding from parts long ago

They fall

in shards, scattered

around a weighted form

marking the image: a murder mystery

Who was this person

lying heavy upon the shores of then?

Hovering spirits

caught on the updraft

and spewed from the cone

find her unrecognizable

The devastation blew heavily

over the solitary shape

silently still upon the floor

What life remains

when hit head on

and looking at the world

from above?



8 thoughts on “Poem: Hurricane Reverie

  1. Pretty much all of Florida is, but we don’t exactly know where it will be worse. Apparently this one is huge. This is when it feels especially bad to feel so isolated. My Mom refuses to be evacuated so my jitters are worsened by that and for my pets. I am usually very calm in emergencies, this is just an unknown for me. My building has been here since the early 70’s so I think safe, and FL is uber aware of this sort of thing so is very prepared. So I will just have to see what happens…and hope for the best.

  2. Praying for you and your mom and hoping you and your furry loves make it through nature’s latest statement. Love you😘💖💕

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