Poem: The Street Lamp


The street lamp


through the jail slit blinds

while I lay wide-eyed


trying to sleep

It lights my thoughts

the moment when you

got on your knees and begged me to stay

when I played the now dead song:

“I Will Always Love You”

(which wasn’t true)

Laying on the lamp-lit bed

even with lavender soaked eye-pads

I cannot escape

the path of memories








11 thoughts on “Poem: The Street Lamp

  1. Thanks. I’m not writing as much these days for a couple of reason. One of the main reasons was because a bad experience I had with a fellow blogger. It gave me permission to take a break, which I had wanted to do for a while anyway. Posting every day had become drudgery. I hope my posts are a bit more inspired now.

  2. You could blog the directions for putting together a bookcase and it would be inspiringπŸ˜˜πŸ’– love you…..

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