Had my training for becoming a Hospice Volunteer today. It was incredibly organized and informative. They don’t mess around–a bit different from the Soup Kitchen, I must say. Of course, it’s a whole different ball of wax. They depend on Medicare/Medicade  funding, so must tow the line, even when it comes to volunteers. We are dealing with patients, so have to follow the same guidelines that any healthcare providers do.

Luckily, having spent so many years in the business, I’m familiar with most of it–and how to deal with death and dying, and families, but it was great to get a brush up and hear their take on things.

The group was pretty big, with kids from high school right up to senior citizens. There was even another female paramedic! Only two males though, as the group was mostly women. It seemed like a really good bunch of folks willing to do a whole range of jobs. I wish I was more talented, so I could provide special things, like singing or music, but hopefully I will give something in my own way.

Once all my paperwork, tests etc. pass, then I’ll be clear to go around with a mentor and finally begin my own work with the patients. Some have no family of their own, but some just need extra. Many (most they said) have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease so might not recognize us from week to week. But that’s fine. As long as we can provide comfort of some sort.

I have some ideas of what I can do. And I’m honored to share this sacred part of someone’s life. To help give someone a good death is important. That transition can be so difficult, we must try the best we can to make it as easy as possible. For everyone: the patient and the family.

And so I step into this realm once again and take this journey with them, hopefully with something to offer.



21 thoughts on “Hospice

  1. I read this with a happy heart knowing what an incredibly special person it takes to be present with someone at the end of their time here and you will be that person for those who need you. Thank you for being willing to be an empathetic presence for those who are there. I pray you receive as much peace as you will be gifting…💕💕💕

  2. oh you’ll be fantastic at that – i did that a while for hospice here- i chose first to just do that at NH and hospitals — the pt’s i was with were obtunded – but it was impt to the family’s to have someone there- blessings to you on this journey–

  3. I will be doing it at nursing homes at their hospice centers. Not doing homes at first. I will take the vigil training too. I need it for me too because it’s getting pretty dark here for me…

  4. My mom was in hospice care for a while before her death. She was bounced from facility to facility. Every single one was absent of volunteers. They could have all used someone as caring as you.

  5. This is such a sad thing to hear. The hospice place I’ve hooked up with is very short of volunteers too. It appears to be a chronic issue. I suppose it’s something many people just don’t want to do. Some folks there had personal experiences with hospice like you and now want to give back, which is really lovely. I thank you for your kind words, but honestly, this is for me too. I feel that volunteering for things like this is really for ourselves just as much, if not more. I’m in this funky emotional place right now and need to get out of my own head space. There’s nothing like giving to others to help me stop focusing on myself! xo

  6. I understand. That’s a courageous focus shift and change of perspective. It’s still just as altruistic at the heart of it. Even just in terms of taking it on willingly. Good for you ❤

  7. Thanks. I am looking forward to it. I’ve been very bored at home and looking for jobs has given me huge anxiety, so I needed to take the focus away from me. Helping others always fills me. It really helps when we are beginning to feel too cluttered within…. xo

  8. I don’t think I could ever do that, I envy your strength and bravery. Thank you for being one of the people that can handle such situations 🙂

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