Happy Birthday Mom 

It has not been an easy year but this amazing woman reached this incredible milestone with the strength and dignity I’ve always admired in her. Facing tough setbacks in her nearly perfect health, she was undaunted by the changes in her. Her ever positive outlook on life has kept her moving and healing, but mostly is an inspiration to all of those who know her.

From the time I was small she taught me that I could be anything I wanted, something I have passed on to my daughters. Her help has allowed me to figure out my path and feel a sense of security. 

This time living near my Mother has been a blessing after spending  so many years apart. She has given me more than I can really express. And really without her decision so many years ago, when she knew adopting a little girl was something she needed to do, I’m not sure where I would be today. 

Happy 90th Mama. I love you. 


14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom 

  1. Happy birthday indeed! May the coming year be filled with love and health and all manner of happiness. May you be blessed and at peace and enjoy your creative flow🌹🌼🌻

  2. Quite incredible, eh? She had a rough year with her health. The heart attack really knocked her for a loop. But she is rallying and doing her best to keep moving forward. It’s hard at times for me here, but I know it’s the right thing…

  3. Thank goodness she survived it and that she has family with her. My mother-in-law just passed after having a heart attack, followed by a blood clot. It’s been a rough few weeks.

  4. what a beautiful tribute– you’re the best and i know she’s full of pride for her amazing daughter — love you – Ellyn

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