Duck Rap

There are days where it seems obvious when the universe is speaking directly to us. There may be crazy things like a bird flying into our head,  which happened twice to my friend recently when a crow dive bombed him. Or maybe a group of ducks just walks right up as though you are a member of the family. No fear, just friendly carousing. 

Maybe it’s the fact, try as I might to apply for jobs, nothing is happening. 

I’d like to believe that instead of it being for the wrong reasons, there might be a more important one. And that these odd occurrences have significance beyond nature having fun. 

It could be a wake-up call to pay attention to things we’ve ignored. A rap on the head as a reminder or the group surrounding you if only you take the time to stop.

The universe provides plenty of advice, it’s simply up to us to listen. 


18 thoughts on “Duck Rap

  1. The ducks are adorable! And I can’t believe a crow flew right into your friend! That is crazy. I’m sorry you’re having trouble finding the right work.

  2. Totally agree with you.
    Once I was coming out of work – feeling blue because it had been a really draining hard day (when I was doing therapy) and I was sitting in my car and looked up and saw ducks in the tree in front of me! It made me so happy! I didn’t know ducks could be in trees. Just one thing – it can be a message, a reminder, a boon, but never coincidental, always with meaning.

  3. That is true! We need to listen and stop beating ourselves against a wall. I feel that’s me when it comes to this job stuff. I need to stop, take a break and just sit back and try another avenue. Maybe volunteer or something else. It’s not happening and I am getting frustrated and depressed. Obviously the universe it telling me something here. It’s not my time… I must go with it.

  4. Aw thanks, but I still am such a novice. You are really my mentor. I love the book I got. I like looking at your photo! Thanks for your unending support…it propels me forward. xo

  5. I think someone must have been feeding the ducks, which I am never convinced is such a great idea. I know when I worked at a University in CT, we had a duck pond and they were forever begging folks not to feed them in the winter because they wouldn’t migrate. It disturbs their whole cycle? But yes, my friend said this crow just banged right into him twice!! Wow. That is simply amazing. So I read my “Animal Speak” book to him about Crow. It had very interesting significance. I am wondering if the work thing has to do with my Mom? Maybe I am not meant to get a job right now. I will wait to my birthday which is soon, and if nothing comes up. Then I am taking a break from looking. I might just try to volunteer…..

  6. I have strange experiences with birds. One thing is for sure, they are unpredictable. Defecating on my hand while pointing towards a general direction to help a lost traveler for example. That’s besides your message though. I think you’re right, animals speak to us in different ways, in your experience, prob a far more meaningful one. Loved it!

  7. I think there are symbols all over the place if we choose to be open to them. In the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun”, a bird pooping on someone was a very good sign! So who knows? It all depends on how you want to look at things. Thanks for your comment.

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