Thumbs down 

Back to the drawing board. My secret mission did not really turn out as planned. A bit disappointing, but not completely unexpected. I must keep having faith that things will work out they way they are meant to be. 

The biggest thing I have a hard time remembering is to relax and stick to the ideals and plans I’ve imagined for my life. It’s easy to let impatience and boredom interfere. 

So, stay in the moment and enjoy and be grateful. 

It will all work out as it should. 


16 thoughts on “Thumbs down 

  1. I think you are doing the right thing for now. And so does pups. It’s out there sweet one. This you know……….

  2. Someone asked me today to come in and fill out a job application, which I will do tomorrow. It’s much closer, so we will see what it means…?? 🙂

  3. They want me back for a second ‘working interview’, but I don’t think it’s a match anyway. Too far away, and the hours are too long. I got an email today for a place that wants me to come in to fill out an application…??

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