Poem: The Last Stand 

True I walk behind a cage

And you may think I’m in a rage

But sadly walk this way I must

In a very small patch of dust

For those who have put me here

Have also ruined the wild I fear

But some do the best they can 

To help me make my last stand

For if I do not live as you see

Then there will be no more me


6 thoughts on “Poem: The Last Stand 

  1. I am so thankful people help wildlife but so sad to see them caged and know their habitat gets smaller and smaller and smaller🐾🌎🐢🐦🐼

  2. omgoshness this is beautful — i think you should offer this poem to the park whereever this is — it’s just HUGE in it’s simplicity– i’m always blessed to have you come intomy life == E

  3. Sadly if we don’t do this we won’t have any left. Often these animals at zoos are contraband that were rescued from illegal captures and such. Education of the public by actually seeing animals up close and personal, is really the only way to get folks to truly understand conservation… Seeing them in books is no comparison. Some child may grow up one day to be someone who will help in some great way because they saw a live animal in a zoo…. And many zoos have species survival programs of endangered animals where they breed them to return them back to their natural habitat. They are ‘places of refuge’…. a good zoo is vital to their survival.

  4. I thought about it. I took my grandson(!!) to the local zoo. I’m not sure how to go about giving it to them or if they would even care….

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