Poem Art: Community

poem art 2

Today has been a dreaming sort of day. One of those days where I have looked at the life I have wanted to live and wondered if it will ever be possible and if I will ever follow through–or if it will always just be a dream. It was a day filled with research and videos, thinking and feeling things in my heart–even conversations with friends.

How many of us just have these yearnings that niggle at us? It is easy to let life pull us in other directions and I admire folks who just do what they want. It’s not that they are better or I am worse at living life, it’s just different paths. And it’s not that I didn’t do what I wanted, because obviously I did.

But what about all those ‘big’ things that we think about when we were young? Where do those ideas go?

Funny, but my next poem art sort of reflected my thoughts today without my trying. But the words I came across just floated out…and spoke the things in my head.

What are your dreams?


6 thoughts on “Poem Art: Community

  1. I think we cannot have much of a life without first having dreams. And there are such varied degrees and stages of making our dreams come to fruition. And I am also learning, the longer I live, that those dreams are sometimes not what we thought and bring us something different and unexpected when they can be brought to fruition. But dream we must. And dream we will. And the creativity and ideas that are born will benefit individual and community alike.

  2. I wanted to live on a farm with lots of animals! Didn’t exactly work out, but at least I volunteer with dozens of dogs, and at one time had my own horse too. I think our dreams sometimes get edited a bit as we age.

  3. For me, I think there is more chance that the older I get, the more possible it is that my dreams will be realized. There were too many responsibilities and needs of others when I was younger, but soon it will be only me…

  4. Yes, it’s all one step at a time. It’s funny though when we have something in our hearts and minds from the time we were young. Can it really be born eventually?

  5. That is a very positive and possible outlook! I need to start thinking more along that path…..

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