Poem: In And Out

It may slip behind


disappearing as if it did not exist 

You leap in and out 

moon bright upon my thoughts 

one moment a burning bulb

hanging in destinies sky

The next dipping behind 

a clouded doubt 

of past stratus layers

But it remains full

and round 

and brilliantly waiting 

It is always there

whether visible

or not


8 thoughts on “Poem: In And Out

  1. As metaphor this could apply to so many things … the cycle of depression, the emotion of love … life and the moon. I love that it has that application to many important aspects of our existence.

  2. And this is exactly why I love poetry so much…because it is open to one’s interpretation what it may mean and maybe it means all things at once. xoxo

  3. Exactly. That’s why I do too. And maybe because there is more honesty in a poem than say, an entire book – not quite sure how but I find that a lot – proving it’s not length it’s intensity. Just like love and other things.

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