A rather interesting sign within my community. Could be true for sure, although I’m pretty sure no-one would be too tempted to feed the alligators. Unless maybe you had some guests that were over staying their welcome?? 

This also is my walking/biking route and if I ever saw an alligator cross in my path, I would be pretty disturbed myself. I might just have to ignore the sign and consider carrying alligator food with me to toss at it. Now I have to figure out just what that might be…??


13 thoughts on “Disturbed?

  1. Well. You live in interesting times my friend. I have see whole chickens tossed to gators for their noshing pleasure.. May the gators find different paths to wander than yours😘

  2. Two thoughts. Whenever I see these signs I wonder if anyone has told the animals that they are supposed to cross in this area. Alligators can make quite a bit of distance in the water and I think tend to cross where they want to.

    Second thought – not sure what I would do if I found myself biking really close to a gator. Riding across them would be a really bad idea!

  3. I half wondered if it was a joke, but probably not as alligators are fairly common down here. Even in these small man made ‘lakes’ they can end up getting in through these attached canals and such. It’s a bit surprising they don’t try to ‘relocate’ them…

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