Poem: Cradle 

You cradle my dark

in the safety of your sins


we stir our shame

until it



10 thoughts on “Poem: Cradle 

  1. Well said. I agree. Too often I felt alone. If you feel alone you are alone. if you open your heart it’s incredible what you receive. I need to remind myself of that many times, but meeting good souls as with yourself, helps me to keep the faith – thank you

  2. It’s funny how I think I talk to more people online these days than ‘real’ people! Is that weird?? 🙂 I love my online community even though I may not meet most of them!

  3. No of course it isn’t weird I think most people do. I wish I didn’t I admit that but I often do too. I find there are people like yourself online whom I can connect with and relate to and not so much where I live, though ideally I would return to more face-to-face but it’s a sign of our times isn’t it?

  4. Of course…as a friend said: it would be nicer to meet people ‘organically’, but it seems almost impossible to meet like minded folks this way anymore, and I’m not sure why?

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