Yesterday was my last day as a licensed paramedic. It’s with great melancholy that I let it lapse. But all things need to come to their logical end, and so it was time for me to step off the bus.

For all my ups and downs, it really was a great run. I had the great honor to be with people at some of the worst times in their lives and with them as they took their last breath. They invited me into their homes, even when they may have felt ashamed, because they knew I came only carrying oxygen, not judgement. There were many neighbors I helped, and some I couldn’t, but I cared about them all. It didn’t matter who you were, why you called me, how much you had to drink, how many times you called that week, if you woke me up in the middle of the night or I had to come in a raging blizzard, I came because I really did like being a paramedic. Sure, maybe we complained a bit about the hours or the pay, but really, there wasn’t any better job than that one.

Where else do you get someone say to you: thanks for saving my wife’s life? Or making a kid with a broken arm feel less pain…or even being with someone when they take they stop breathing  knowing that you helped make their journey easier. 

So, I have no regrets except maybe I didn’t find it when I was younger. I’m gratful for the lives that I helped save, but even more grateful that I never made any mistakes that hurt anyone. 

Thanks to all those emergency workers out there still busting their butts for us all–stay safe and we are truly lucky to have you. 


8 thoughts on “Expired 

  1. And I give you my heartfelt gratitude for your service to all who needed you. And my mom thanks you for coming to help when she and I needed your assistance. It was a simple thing but meant more to me than you know. We are all blessed to have had your loving care those many years. Well done my dear friend. Well done.

  2. It was always a special honor to help those who were family members of dear friends. It made it even more incredible to do the work I did. So many of my patients actually became friends because I went to their homes over and over…. And they might lose a spouse that I had transported numerous times. It was so much deeper than I had ever expected when I started… Sigh…

  3. I must say, on the day when we had our parade through town and the streets were lined up and we marched in our uniforms and everyone was waving and clapping for us, some saluting even…. that was the one day that really brought a tear to my eye; it made me very proud to do what I did and to see how we were appreciated. 🙂

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