Poem: Yes I Brush!

Do not yell at me

Because I am your best friend 

Despite my bad breath 


28 thoughts on “Poem: Yes I Brush!

  1. My dog Henry (a golden) had the widest yawn…and smile. I brushed his teeth once a week (poultry toothpaste). It did help his breath. πŸ™‚ You have a cutie pie here.

  2. I brush Bowies teeth EVERY night. Doesn’t help much because he really needs his teeth cleaned again by the vet. But it’s a chore and expensive. Hopefully soon I can get him there. I’m taking an online vet assistant class and want to get a job working for a vet (maybe mine?), so this might be the time!

  3. When my daughter was much younger when we got him, she decided to name him after David Bowie, the singer because she said: Mom, he’s a boy, but looks like a girl, like David Bowie, he’s androgynous!

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