Poem: The Artist 

Turning inside out 

exposing raw reality buried 

under layers of hidden sinew

meant to stay tucked 

the quiet fist of crazy

crouched behind daylight 

They dragged it out

in slanted moments 

It came at times 


and others 

leaping out of its den

But once loose

It pleased Pandora 

and never would return 

Now free to torment 

its fire burns beauty 

until the brilliance 

dies out


6 thoughts on “Poem: The Artist 

  1. I love this piece. Have re-read it a few times and think it brilliant. It is one to ponder….

  2. I was inspired by a not so important movie I watched about 2 young people who suffered from bi-polar disorder. They were poets and were misunderstood by their family and eventually ended up in a facility where they met. There, they had a discussion about how many artists suffered from mental disorders, specifically being bipolar. Some of they mentioned I knew, but others I was surprised to learn (Georgia O’Keefe!). Anyway…it made me think about our minds how they can be a gift and a torment at the same time….

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