Amazing Beauty 

Sometimes the beauty of the world is so apparent. It hits us straight on usually when we need it most. 

In its silent wonder, it communicates more than most words ever could. And in times when we may long for those words of comfort, nature will speak its bounty. 

Those of us who spend most of our time alone, use nature as a partner. It is our go to comrade in times of trouble or sadness–the soothing scenes ease our souls. 

And in times of joy, nature becomes the dance partner twirling us around as we soak in the scenery. 

Few souls can’t be tamed by its mystery and glory. From the tiniest insect to the grandest mountain–each can move a human. 

Those trapped within concrete and cities have become robots. Their angst is palpable because they have forgotten to look. As we lose our natural areas, man becomes lost also.

So that is why we must always remember to preserve these places. As they die off, so do we. As species continue to disappear, the web that we are a part of weakens. 

This means wherever we are, we must keep looking for the beauty around us. It is everywhere! And it our job to find it, appreciate it and preserve it so others will enjoy it too.


21 thoughts on “Amazing Beauty 

  1. Beautiful photos. Such wonder there is in this world. People have been both the protectors and exploiters of nature since time began. It is a partnership that I pray stays on the right course. Get out there and enjoy all there is to take in with our God given senses.🌏

  2. Thanks so much. I actually keep my blog anonymous but have gone offline with some people if they want to get to know me better. It’s because of all the things that I share that are personal and that can sometimes be traced back. I am careful which ‘friends’ I share my blog with also and why I don’t have Facebook and social media like that. It’s too invasive. I’m sorry if I can’t be more forthcoming, but I like to retain my privacy. :/ There may be ways to get around this….

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