Some days, try as you might, that old sense of weariness seeps in and takes ahold. Maybe all the fighting to keep the dark at bay and to work really hard at life believing in all that’s possible, can sometimes simply be draining. It feels best to hide away and try not to think too much during  these times. 

Nights are restless and days achy. But still we push our way through routine because it feels normal. And then tuck back to the shelter of a quiet hide away–where no-one can ask too much of us. 

It’s not the goal of life to feel this way. No. Like a pestering family member who keeps visiting without being invited, but an obligation to let them in. They are family after all, kin, and a part of your life.

So you tolerate the annoyance, this mood. It will pass eventually and leave. And hopefully, like the relative, it will leave eventually, and with it a feeling of relief and hopefully a great gaping peace in its wake. 


11 thoughts on “Weary

  1. She’s better physically, but some things are slipping because of her age. But we remain positive. I’m OK some days, but others it’s hard to not to feel a bit bored. I don’t have a lot do right now. I’m taking an online vet assistant course, so that’s something. I’m not sure if it will help me get a job or not? That remains to be seen–I hope so. I still do not have many (I don’t have any really) friends here, just casual acquaintances, so that’s tough. I’m really here on a mission, you know? So I just do the best I can day to day… Thanks for asking. I hope you are well. Your blog is really fantastic these days! ❤

  2. I blushed by the end of your comment :3 It can be tricky to find friends when you’re only bound to study/work in a small place where you can’t find many diverse group of people (like you would say, in a University). I am terribly picky about who I want to talk and the place I study at isn’t very….let’s say very comfortable is the word. I end up alone 😮 I get the struggle

  3. Aw, thanks for understanding. I think most people think I should be ‘out there’ and just making friends with everyone I meet. But I’m very selective. I don’t want friends just to have friends. I want quality. Really, I have plenty to do and I love my own time too…. and I mean everything I said about you. I’ve always said you are so very talented for someone your age. An ‘old soul’. xoxo

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