Lone Wolf 

Lone wolf

used to running for miles 

Long steady lope

along worn down windy trails 

No-one is following 

The dusty footprints left in a whisp

A furtive glance back 

nothing but bramble brush 

How long have you run?

That moment in time 

no longer a part 

They sniffed the difference 

and howled your fate 

Then bit and snarled you solo

With tail tucked rightly 

the journey began 

Long lonely moon shrouded nights 

padding peacefully 

Ears to the wind

nostrils feeling the air

burning the brain with need

It has been long lone wolf 

The pack a flickering memory 

But the heart yet beats 

And it knows 

Yes it knows 

That if you run long enough 

If the howl you speak 

is brave and clear enough 

and you keep your senses ever sharp

Then someday 

Another lone wolf 

Will find you

So you can run

Together forever 


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