What I Did Today

(Note: This is a political post and could be offensive to some readers)

While I have never thought of myself as very political or extremely patriotic, I do vote and care about what happens here in this country. That’s just because I’m a caring human being in general, most the decisions I make in life, big ones anyway that involve ethical decisions, are geared around trying to be kind and trying to think about the ‘bigger picture’ beyond just me.

Because of this I’ve made lifestyle choices that have often made me seem odd or have put me far from mainstream America. This is fine by me. Live and let live, as long as we are all respectful of each other.

Of course you guessed by now that my ‘politics’, if I have to label myself, is liberal. For many years I didn’t claim either party and simply considered myself Independent, but this just seemed, well, simply too non-committal to me. And I knew I would never affiliate with the Republican side, so one day I decided to become a Democrat. No surprise there, right?

I’m not an over the top Democrat though. Like I said: politics isn’t my schtick.  I’ve lived with Republican Presidents, Senators, Congressmen and all the decisions that they make too. I understand that being an American means: you vote and sometimes your ‘side’ doesn’t win. And then you deal as best you can. You continue to be the best person you can regardless.

But this time it’s different. This time the election has left me cold. It isn’t just a Republican that has won, but someone altogether different. Someone who so many of us simply can’t understand how our fellow Americans wanted as our President. It’s simply baffling….and scary.


As reports come out now about his personality (narcissist) and his capabilities (turning democracy into kleptocracy), my years of being a side-line player in our political system is becoming harder to be. I am a pacifist at heart, so plunging into the heart of a heated protest is not my style, but I also am a strong believer in our right to be heard.

Today for the first time in my entire life, I wrote political leaders in my state. My Governor and my two Senators. I’m compelled to do something to bring attention to the freight train barreling toward our democracy. It subtly and over time, can be dismantled without anyone really being aware. Unless we are diligent and proactive. Standing by hoping it will ‘go away’ or just play itself out, is a dangerous thing to hope for against someone who is so full of himself as this president.

I’m sorry if I have offended those of you who support this person. I only ask that you look beyond your personal needs (and I know they are real!) to the man behind the words. Many men just like him spouted big words and went on to do horrible things. It’s about personality here, ethics, greed, morality, neediness, hate and ego to name a few. It’s not about political party. He doesn’t represent a political party, or me, or you. He represents himself, his family and his own desires.

This is a very dangerous thing for the head of any country!

So be aware, be kind to others (even if you don’t agree with them), think beyond yourself, read real news (not on Facebook) and notice what he does and doesn’t do, really listen to his words!

Everything important here is at stake. Truly. For ALL of us.


32 thoughts on “What I Did Today

  1. I agree. This election/race was never about the party system. That all went right out the window with this one. I would gladly accept any party taking office…this time, even though I’m still hoping for the best, I’m scared.

  2. One thing this election has opened my eyes to is that just because someone is a success in business (and with 5 bankruptcies, I question the word success) doesn’t mean that translates into government and politics. This is a whole different ballgame. We disparage career politicians, but as our president is showing us, it does help to have some knowledge and experience with both. He is so unprepared for this role and that is showing. No political savvy, not even of the common sense variety.

  3. This election and it’s outcome was hard to understand. I wonder what people wanted and whether or not they think they have gotten it. I am of the time will tell persuasion but I find myself increasingly unable to listen to the news…

  4. I can no longer ignore the situation. The ostrich position is too scary for me because of the articles I DO read and see what could happen. So this small start, by writing my local government is something. Little by little, I hope to do more. I can’t complain if I don’t act. And if something bad happens, I would feel partially to blame.

  5. It’s a very strange place to be for me. I am reading as much as I can about him so I can feel informed and will do what I can…so I don’t feel like I did nothing.

  6. Try reading some articles about him by some well known authors from reputable Newspapers or Magazines. The mess we are in and how bad it could be is really monumental. Complacency is something we must be careful of because it can lure us into a hole we may not be able to clime out of in tact. Our country is already in a bad way, and I understand this is why so many people wanted him (while others just DID’T want Hillary), but it can be worse with this guy… We must remember he’s a true narcissist.

  7. You are not alone. So many of us are–I’ve spoken to countless people who fear the future. Sometimes, when it’s someone you don’t know, you have to start out in that code language to feel them out, because discussions now are so heated and mean. This is part of the issue: that the person chosen represents this kind of atmosphere in the country. It’s no longer about hope, education, unity or peace. Rather it’s about separation, rendering, taking away and power. People don’t see that they won’t win anything buy this, we all become losers. They are forgetting their souls and what it means to be human…that it’s a gift.

  8. That’s exactly the aura around it…suspicion. Deep down to the level of every day conversation and each other. I had faith it would be okay. Its not. But now I have faith that the murdering of the constitution won’t be allowed much longer.

  9. I hope you are right. There was an incredible article that my friend sent me that I read yesterday that prompted me to write my local politicians. This author basically felt we could easily lose our rights over the next four years if we are not careful and just sit around to ‘see what happens’…. Many other countries have had this happen and their democracy slipped away without them really being aware….

  10. No, in this instance, a few weeks was enough to see whats going to happen. I think anyone who was trying to stay positive is over it already. I’m hoping the checks and balances on him kick in soon. It’s horrifying to think no one’s policing his decisions.

  11. I will definitely read it. I’m trying to pull myself out of a funk today though so I’m going to keep it on deck for now, ha. 😊

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