During my walk through my ‘village’, I am constantly struck by what an alien landscape it is to me. Even the name of the place reminds me of some sort of Sci Fi novel where you can’t be quite sure who is human and who might appear so, but is really a look-alike with highly functioning artificial intelligence.

The homes are all blazingly white, with only specifically allowed colored shutters and all laid out with the same floor plan–this giving the effect of some weird colony created by Big Brother (it was actually in the ’70’s, and BB was the usual group of condo types trying to create the ultimate paradise), but getting cookie cutter instead. It was a good thought and the prices were good, so the humans came…


But as I stroll around a corner and am by myself, the southern sun shimmering off the dazzling white homes, I feel transported to decades into the future. Maybe I am the last ‘real’ human left here, wandering the streets, pretending to be one of ‘them’. They sit behind their curtains, with no honest food in their refrigerators (because they don’t eat) and their hollow laughs echoing in my mind. Who are they really?

I walk and wonder. Do they know who I am? Do they watch me from behind those standard colored shutters? Am I safe? My heart picks up a pace. The heat beats down.

Then I turn a corner. Music drifts from one of the identical homes. I listen: some 60’s tune I recall… And in the driveway next to this home, a car has a bumper sticker: COEXIST. You know the one: with each letter representing some spiritual symbol.

And I snap back: maybe they are really human after all? I remember now, it’s 2017 and it might be OK.

As I’m walking, I briefly look up at the empty blue sky above me. And just for a moment, I imagine a huge billowing mushroom cloud. I lower my head and keep walking…



6 thoughts on “Walking

  1. I used to live in a village as well. With each house similiar, save for the colours and a few add-ons. It was an odd mixture of feelings I had as I would walk around each evening too. Of feeling safe and secure with the guards at the front admitting each vehicle in manually, and yet alone and disconnected. I would look longingly into other peoples yards and see them eating outside. I suppose it was the language and the culture and it was all more personal . I wasn’t so much alarmed at the sameness of each house. I would wonder often how their insides differed from my house. We afterall, had moved there by our choice and knew each house was the same even then. Anyways, happy mushroom clouding and sightage. I like your little bits of happy that you take. 🙂

  2. I live in the ‘condo’ part, not the house part, but it’s still the sameness that is unsettling to me having never lived in this kind of situation. I am here because of my Mom and it’s not something I would ever picked under other circumstances. She lives in the next town, but I was limited because of a bunch of things. The mushroom cloud reference of course (or maybe you don’t see) is imagining an atomic or nuclear attack…nothing happy at all I’m afraid. This because of the president that I will not name. It’s all part of my weird feelings that I’ve been having lately and they just were amplified walking around today….xoxo

  3. I entirely read it all wrong then. Very neat and interesting how that can happen. I think it may be because of how I enjoy towerful cloud clumps and saw it as majestic? I’m not too sure – I wonder if you are still having those weird feelings? Or if it is a case that happens often?

  4. No, no…you didn’t read it wrong–you read it the way you read it! And that’s just fine. That’s the beauty of words is that they can be interpreted differently by everyone. The images we create in our own minds are unique. It’s all good. I’m just in a funny place now because of the situation in my country…it’s depressing and scary. Hopefully you are in a more ‘majestic’ place! xoxo

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