Poem: Becoming Real

After the rain

And the thundering slice

of intrusion in my night 

Came visions 

Visitors passing through 

the corridors 

Recognizable yet playing different parts

Their sense of urgency 

Begging to be seen

The deep drenched corners 

Hiding soggy villains 

Flushed out

Riding turbulent mind waves

It never seems quite right 

Distorted but familiar 

Then it fades back 

What is left before 

Disappears altogether 

Falling gently from another time 

Brushing softly the apparition 

Lurking in the limbic 

Floating down 

It takes root

And becomes real


8 thoughts on “Poem: Becoming Real

  1. Your photos in this post are beautiful. The monarch emerges in all her splendor and wonders at the world around her…….

  2. Well you know their numbers have been drastically reduced by the disappearance of the milkweed due to environmental interference. Here it’s spraying and cultivating, I don’t know about there. They do all their breeding and such on them and maybe feeding too, but it’s vital to their existence. I tried growing some in NH, but the ones I planted didn’t take. They are touchy…the milkweed that is.

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