Poem: Maybe Then

There are times when 

Taking off our skin


Burying face down 

Is what is called for

Even when the gravitational pull

Is extremely high 

The magnetic field 

That used to feel electric

Burns with poignant pain

I’m twisted for a reason 

This caricature of myself 

Wound around the former 

They talk too much 

And the me that is hearing

Is not the one that cares 

It is new

The sound loud 

And bouncing off the old echo 

It is a mirage 

Shimmering in the present 

But does not hold the truth 

I circle around myself to find it

And the nearby voices 

Push me closer 

But the answers lie deeper 

In the skeletal remains 

After gnawing it to the bone 

Leaving everything raw

Maybe then

I will know 


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