Goodbye Mr. President 

It was a sad day for me as I listened to the President’s last press conference. Whatever one may feel about his political stance, it’s hard to argue with his mastery of the English language, his eloquence and his sense of humor. My understanding is that he may still continue to be active when he sees a need and that keeps me hopeful. 

So as the sun sets on the last eight years of this historic presidency, I face the next four with a much different feeling. I can only hope we get through the next four years without more divisiveness than there already is now. 

Goodbye President Obama and thank you for all you tried to do and what you did accomplish. 


16 thoughts on “Goodbye Mr. President 

  1. A lovely expression of your sentiment. I wish I felt more optimistic about the next week, never mind the next four…..

  2. I sent President and Mrs. Obama and Vice President Biden thank you notes. I’ve never done anything like that before, but they have been surrounded with so much negativity lately and handled it with their usual dignity and class I just had to let them know that they are appreciated and will be missed..

  3. What a wonderful idea…I wish I had thought of that! I guess I always feel so distanced from our government that I that we can/should participate in this kind of way. Yes, they had such dignity and grace, I agree. Comparatively, the new administration seems blundering. Thanks for reminding me to be more interactive.

  4. They were all class acts. Will miss them. Biden is such a good man, the way he made sure to take the train home every night to raise his boys after his wife and baby daughter died. Then he lost his son. And still he stayed positive and focused on his job and never brought his personal stuff into it. And what do we get to hear for our new president’s first press hearing? About how the media lied about inauguration numbers and how the CIA gave the new pres a standing ovation. Who gives a shit? How does this impact me at all as an American? I want to hear about what’s happening in the country, not with him personally and his war with the media. Okay, enough, I’ll stop ranting.

  5. Rant away. We have our voices anyway. I wish I had participated in a women’s march and am sad I didn’t. Yes, these are really tough times ahead… But my goal is to exude peace and loving kindness–even to those that don’t agree with me.

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