Let Freedom Ring 

I am a black cat and live with a white dog. We both live with a different species too. At times it’s tough, but we are family. Our Mom has taught us to get along and not to judge by the color of someone’s fur or if they don’t have any. She said it’s what is in their heart that counts. 

She was listening to a famous speech today about humans with black and white skin getting along. She was crying like she does every year when she hears it. I’m not sure if they are happy or sad tears, but I know that I hide under the bed when most people come into our apartment. I try to judge them from the content of their heart, but I still worry most the time. 

What is freedom anyway really? Can we all ever really live together in peace? In our house we manage and my mom tries to keep the spirit of message she heard today alive in her heart. 

I just wonder about everyone else?


20 thoughts on “Let Freedom Ring 

  1. it seems to me, that the way humans are and the way the cultures and religions of man the way they are, it is a difficult way to respecting the differences of people. there are pockets of understanding and those pockets are growing but, i feel, growing too slowly. there is resistance. why can we not accept those that are different from us? i dont know that answer for i look back in history and see it has never been such a way. we fear and i dont know why. it maybe just the way life, all life, is. the yin/yang, good/bad, up/down. black/white, etc. etc.

    a most excellent post.

  2. I agree: fear, ignorance, intolerance. I’m glad you feel there are pockets and they are growing. I’m not sure they are growing. With the state of the US, it seems these pockets are shrinking and that’s why we have the government that is coming into office now. My humble opinion. And when you get large groups of people that fear, then it’s scary. I was also saying to someone else, I think there is this film of sadness/depression that coats us all of which we are largely unaware. It’s from the constant bombardment of negativity that we see day after day (or hear or read) on the media about the destruction of humans, animals, our earth of everything. To me, I feel, this is why there is such a large trend towards addiction, divorce, mistrust/hate, and suicide. People are simple worn out. The predisposition to join groups that promise some sort of glory, even it means the destruction of others, somehow strikes a chord in these shell shocked souls–so they do things that under more healthy circumstances they wouldn’t. I may be completely off base, but I know what I feel inside compared to years ago…and I am only guessing. Thanks for your thoughtful response. xo Peace to you my friend.

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