There are times we are comfortable sporting colorful attire. We flash and glitter so others will be drawn to our surrounding energy. This presentation may help to make us feel radiant as the positive glow spreads good vibrations. Beauty, natural and created–inward and on the surface, has a way of lighting the world. 

But some days we would rather stay tucked out of sight. The cloak we wear is chosen with care to make us invisible and therefore inaccessible to those around us. We hide quietly, maybe for our own selfish reasons, laying low amidst the cover. Do not bother us then, for doing so may be dangerous. It is simply a time that needs to happen. 

Eventually, the cycle will turn, the pendulum swing–and once again we will emerge fully into the world again. 


12 thoughts on “Emergence 

  1. Thanks…I went to a nature preserve. It was actually my first alligator sighting since I’ve been here, although I have seen a few iguanas! There was one in the tree that was quite huge, but since I take all my photos with my phone, I couldn’t get a decent shot.

  2. Well, whether it’s OK or not, they happen. And those who love us, don’t always understand them unfortunately. But that’s not the important thing anyway…we are the ones that must try to respect them within ourselves. This is what I am learning.

  3. I definitely go through cycles. Though I’m extroverted by nature, there are times when I need to be alone in order to recharge my batteries. Other times, if I’m going through something, I do tend to withdraw, mainly because I don’t want to expend energy pretending everything is okay or burden others with my problems, so I hibernate until I feel better.

  4. This may be true of everyone. It’s our overall nature that defines us. I used to believe I was an extrovert until I took one of those tests and it defined me otherwise. And then I analyzed it, read about it, thought about it and looked into my past and how I felt in different circumstances. It was then that I realized that it was just the opposite. But, that being said, I’m not the typical introvert…shy or whatever. The best definition that I identified with was that I derive my energy from being alone most times. Too much stimulus or being around people all the time drains me, although no-one would have defined me in the past as an introvert. Maybe more now that I have figured it out! 🙂

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