Poem: Grounded 

Thought I’d hitch a ride 

I did not feel like flying 

Stay out of the sky

I stand quietly 

Showing solidarity 

Grounded against guns 

(Note:  Prayers sent to those victims and their families, the witnesses and responders at the most recent shooting today in Florida’s airport. May there someday be an end….)


12 thoughts on “Poem: Grounded 

  1. So awful about the shootings. I imagine as a former first responder you know full well what those that did respond had to go through. I’m done saying, “so awful” etc. This @#$it has to stop! With that said, that bird on the car is magnificent. He seems to have quite a personality. A bit arrogant, I’d say, though I don’t hold that against the old bird.

  2. Sadly so. When I read about how they simply let people carry guns and ammunition on the airlines and check them on the planes, then I really wondered about the system at all. Well, no wonder this dude could simply go into the bathroom or whatever after he landed, open up his luggage, put everything together and start shooting. Look, I understand that ultimately there’s a way for everything to get done if someone is determined to do it, but then why bother with this elaborate system during check-in in this case? It all seems so silly.

  3. Yeah, it’s yet another dark moment in our human story. Should there be other beings to learn of us after our existence is no longer (which seems a real possibility), it shall be a sad, sad story indeed….

  4. I wonder if it’s true that we get numb to it all? I had a scary moment because my dear friend works at that airport, but she was OK. Still…it is a sorry commentary (once again) on our whole human race. Those birds are like pigeons here. They are everywhere. At first I was impressed, now they are part of the everyday scenery.

  5. You wouldn’t fit in America at all my friend… Do you know the saying I heard in NH? “My wife definitely, my dog maybe…my gun NEVER!” (meaning give it up….) Ugh.

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