Poem: Unfamiliar 

I see myself 

And reflecting back 

Maybe not always be my flaming color 

Sometimes I see

A face unfamiliar 

With what I feel inside 

But it is all me

And I can ripple the image 

Just by moving 

Who knows what I will see

The next time 

I look


34 thoughts on “Poem: Unfamiliar 

  1. I think you will still be you. But the thing to remember is, we all have many different sides. And some are more familiar than others. Still, it will be you, and you are a good person!

  2. That’s the thing. We don’t always know what next we will see but I love what you said about making our own realities, it is a hopeful thought. Rippling our image by moving is a beautiful visual. Blessed be in 2017. And may we all take joy whenever possible…..💖

  3. I had some interesting thoughts today about myself that I would like to ripple and change. I need to change some things Ran because this cloak is not working for me. Thanks for being one of the few that stays with me no matter what image…xo

  4. England English, tea can be a drink, or it can be dinner, sometimes called high tea. It is a Northern expression so unlikely to make sense 😀

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