Poem: Flipped Over

We have flipped a page

Two thousand and seventeen 

Maybe it shine brightly!


4 thoughts on “Poem: Flipped Over

  1. Hi. I have been awol for a bit and it’s good to be back. I was very blessed to be with my daughter and son in law and husband on the eve. It has always been just another day to me but I enjoy watching others take it more seriously and use it as a time for thought and reflection. I honestly have no idea what this year will bring, either personally or globally. I will try to do my part to make good what I can. I have explored the notion of choosing a word for the year ahead. One that will give me focus and intention. Haven’t come up with one yet…. does anyone else do this?

  2. I think I heard somewhere (NPR?) or maybe a movie, that they do. I decided not to make resolutions this year. Just to be and go with the flow. Sure, I’m hoping for better like anyone, but I also realize that what will be will be. I create my own realities really, so if it’s worse, then maybe it’s of my own doing? I am trying to rid myself of some of my anxiety I seem to be holding onto and just really trying to be open and truly having to have faith.

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