Ooo Fire!

My new toy.  Because I was spending too much time watching Prime videos and not enough time reading, it was time to rectify the situation. In fact, I love to read! But returning books to the library or buying them all the time wasn’t feasible. This was the perfect solution. 

Soon I will be fully unemployed again  (sigh) with too much time on my hands. So in between looking for jobs and my usual routine, I can squeeze in some reading. I’ve already knocked off three books.

And I will go get a library card and check out their electronic loaning system. Apparently I can download them to my Fire?! Perfect. 

So, if I am digital, at least I’m not simply wasting my time for hours just watching movies. I’m also trying to volunteer at a nature preserve….

Hopefully my brain won’t just frizzle up into a ball of mush while I’m home.


22 thoughts on “Ooo Fire!

  1. I bought two of the amazon fire tablets, one for me and one for my daughter, during the cyber Monday sale. We both love them so far. I was thinking about doing a full review but I’m not sure yet.

  2. Well, hmmm, let’s look at this: making it, like the factories, the electric to keep it from dying and then throwing it away when it breaks? I’m not sure. Books last forever, plus trees can be replanted…. I think maybe books win?

  3. No no no…I LOVE movies. But I was becoming a slug. I was binge watching. It was bad…like hours of sessions of certain shows. My eyes would hurt. It was getting stupid. I movie or two over the weekend is one thing, but seriously… Plus I love to read, so I needed to get my $hit together. 🙂

  4. Do you like Amazon Prime? I currently am on a free trial of it and am seriously considering getting a year subscription. After having to spend $30 shipping out gifts to my family in Florida I thought it might be worth the $99 a year, plus I heard about being able to get movies.

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