A quiet night here…just remembering holidays past. Snow and cold and kids. Nothing like that now.


No warm fires, or decorations or happy voices…or mad wrapping…


Nope, those days are long gone. And only memories to cherish as my Christmas gift. And thank goodness for those!




14 thoughts on “Memories….

  1. Wishing you merry Christmas, I wish I could bring back all those moments this Christmas to you which you have been talking about. Instantly. Magically !!!

    Lots of voices of love and warmth of relationship, a wagon ful of gifts that can scare you to open and see what’s there in those wraps for you.
    Each gifts is meant for you for each desire you have which is awaiting to be fulfilled this Christmas.
    Smiling faces around you , becoming brighter and taking light of happiness from you, expressing all gratitude for being the part of their life. Know that you are wonderful soul which have served tirelessly to the people around you. You deserve special attention today. All happiness, peace and love on your way moment after moment.

    Are not you feeling that good vibrations I am sending you this Christmas…

    Lots of Love and warm hugs to you . All respect and regards to you from my side.

    A very Merry Christmas !😊

    This is the moment to create fresh memories on this auspicious day.

  2. Well, we can’t bring the past back dear, so it’s OK. It’s best to remain there where it belongs. There was a lot about the past I don’t want to bring back either. I am here now where I belong. I don’t want material things either…I am minimalizing my life. In fact, even then I used to dislike buying all the junk for the kids. I think the holidays have been lost in this commercialism. I miss my kids and wished I lived closer for sure, but maybe someday it will happen again. Now my journey is here with my Mom who I did not lived near for 40 years. So it’s all good….I take their love and yours whenever I can get it, not on one particular day. We should send love all the time my dear friend. I so appreciate your wonderful thoughts and words all the time. And I send you back good thoughts and love too. May your days always be bright and you have more time to spend with your loved ones!

  3. I don’t really mind, because I don’t really celebrate. Only did it for the kids. I miss them all the time and that’s tough. I always enjoy the creativity and beauty of your blog Dawn. Have a wonderful day, even if it is quiet…xo

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