Poem: True Colors 

How do we define ourselves?

Is it by the outer costume we wear,

The leading lady 

Or hallowed hobo 

Hopping from train to train…

Do we disguise our true self

Show only parts

And hide the real stuff

When do we come free

Do we ever?


And fly openly

In the raw dust of the heaven

It falls upon the real you

And bursts you wide

Cutting out the false parts 

Leaving only 

Your true colors 


36 thoughts on “Poem: True Colors 

  1. In some cases this may be true: Mom, lover, husband, wife, RN, paramedic… I think some labels may define us if we want them to (White, African American, Gay, straight) or maybe we don’t? And sure, maybe we have some labels of what we’d like to be…or think we are or hope to be some day. They are all fluid and only as good as we care about them I suppose. xo

  2. Well, i have planned to be happy for at least 10 minutes on 1st March 2018, of course, this is subject to availability and terms and conditions at that time..

  3. I did know what you meant actually. I try to stay away from them because of the grease, although I would love to eat them all day. But no, not with vinegar. I had a friend who put mayo on them! How about that for grease!

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