Day Outside Part 2

Caught a few snaps of some lovely butterflies. They are so hard to capture as they flit about….

But every now and then one would stop on some wild flower and I would be almost quick enough to grab a shot. 

Or of the birds just hanging around and blending in. There wasn’t an over abundance or it was the wrong time of day, but a few were out.

The endless waterways and man-made areas next to them. Very redundant. I’m sure a docent could have explained the significance of it all.

Another beauty…

Amidst the Cyprus boardwalk. Eerie and lovely all at once. There was a prehistoric feeling and a pervasive quiet…

And here it is, follow it in if you dare to another time. Leave your worries behind and move with nature’s stillness. This is the gift we get from the outdoors, from nature and from our earth. Please don’t let anyone take these special places away from us!


22 thoughts on “Day Outside Part 2

  1. Wow that last photo looks EXACTLY like a nature place we have near here that has a beautiful boardwalk through the woods. All these little tucked away gems are so important. Anywhere there is green……

  2. Yes, boardwalks probably look about the same, it’s the nature you see beyond that changes. This part was quite lovely, but too short. Not worth the 5 bucks to get in when the other place was free and much better. More wildlife, longer walk etc. There’s one more place I have yet to check out. But alas Ran, it’s still not New England…

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