I Don’t Smoke 

Today starts my weekend and this was my lunch visitor at work today. I was sitting at the picnic table as this camel drove by…

So I ate quickly and went to investigate. Sure enough, I found this lovely creature. I recalled that there is a petting zoo on the weekends. 

So maybe this was an early arrival? I’m not really a huge fan of wild animals in captivity generally, but my hope always is that they are well cared for and not overly exploited.

If they can be used also in an educational fashion, then this is a powerful tool. There is nothing like the actual animal up close and personal to leave a lasting impression. 

My coworker suggested that I come get rides on it, but I have no interest, I don’t think. Although people have ridden camels for many years like we ride horses. So who knows? Maybe someday. 

But for now we both seem to agree that it doesn’t seem like a great idea. And I think this camel just wanted to tell me just what she/he thought of me!!


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