Photo Shoot

I wonder if they will let me do the shopping today? This place is cool because it’s dog friendly as long as we behave.

That’s the owner on the left. Totally nice chap actually, but I liked his canine friend better. Unfortunately he wouldn’t sit still enough for a photo so it was just me. I do take a nice one if I don’t say so myself!


8 thoughts on “Photo Shoot

  1. A slight set back today, but mostly because kids can be rude. It only bothered me a little. I guess wherever you go people will say things without thinking…oh well.

  2. I can’t get used to it! It seems like they all are down here. It seems odd to me. People putting dogs in grocery carts and such. I don’t really care, but it doesn’t seem totally sanitary? Everyone cheats here and calls their dog a therapy dog. I don’t think it’s right really when there are people that really need them. People told me to get a doctor’s note for my dog just so I could bring it to any apartment!

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