Does one have to be a Einstein or Picasso or some other famous artist/inventor to have a great passion in life? Or is a great love that drives ones passion in life? What makes a person get up every day with fire in their belly and music in their soul? And why do some of us seem to lack this magical feeling?


I can look back in my life and know there have certainly been times and people that lit this passion in me. Moments of great beauty and things that I did where I knew I was following my bliss. These flashes of ‘rightness’ were so calming and soothing and made my world worth living. It’s when we know the path is chosen and wherever it takes us, we will learn and grow along the way. We will become bigger, learn and hopefully give back to the Universe too. All the cogs mesh together…and things run smoothly.

But it seems more often than not, for me, much of my life has been devoid of these feelings. There has been more a sense of being lost and off the path. That finding meaning to it all is difficult and that passion is almost not possible. The older I become, the more excuses I find to feel the numbness that surrounds the world around me. There is a fuzziness that surrounds the picture of what I feel should fill that hole.


The day to day treadmill of sunrise and sunset becomes an anxiety of loss. I will never get those days back–days lacking in color, in meaning, in passion.

So what does one do? If I’m not artistic I can’t suddenly become a musician or painter. And if I’m not brilliant, I can’t find the code to unlock the cure to cancer. How then do I awaken myself?

Life is a beautiful gift, this I do know and I don’t want it wasted (although so much of mine already has been) on much more mundane things day in and day out. While others ask for material gifts, I only want to feel more alive and have a deeper sense of purpose.





28 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. Finding meaning in life is hard, especially as we age. But don’t sell yourself short, you have contributed to this world in many ways, and if you look, you will find even more ways to make a difference. I think those moments of bliss are temporary for all of us, but always worth pursuing. And you are a very good person.

  2. I know some of this feeling. I think some of it has to do, for me anyway, with age. Our lives change, our bodies change,we start to experience loss of people i.e.. our friends parents, our parents. It becomes harder to be positive because we experience mortality around us more often. We are told to find new hobbies and passions. For some it works. For some, it takes time and practice to let go of the known to find new. It seems a mystery. If you figure it out, let me know!!!!! In the meantime, keep looking…

  3. Beautiful post about the magic of life put together very well, dear friend. While it is always good to try out new things, it is equally important for the mundane and routine to follow course without hiccups. So I am thankful to the mundane as well. It only shows that all is well 😊😊

  4. What a beautiful, honest, heartfelt post. The problem, I think, is we stop believing that we can have what we truly want. We let life and people and obligations and responsibilities stop us from living life fully and with passion. In order to live in such a way, we have to give up a lot, not the least of which is our responsibility toward others, and the approval of others. There is a selfishness, I think, to pursuing our passion above all else. Not that it’s wrong, but most of us just can’t put on blinders to the needs of those around us. Just in writing my novel, I’ve neglected my household chores, my husband and children, along with my body’s desperate need for exercise, while I’ve sat in a chair for hours on end and typed incessantly, a story that no one might even want to read! This new year, live more deeply and fully by embracing yourself as is, what is, and every day, when faced with a choice, asking yourself “will I regret it if I say no to this (or yes). It’s never too late! You told me that.

  5. I read recently that time seems to pass more quickly as you age because you are not finding new and interesting things at the same rate as you did when you were younger, I suspect that our minds skip through the mundane of the day to day and pause on new things like a butterfly on a flower. I guess the point is, go find some new flowers πŸ™‚

  6. The thing is that this has always been me, not just that I’m older now. And I find new flowers all the time and still have this sense that I have no real purpose? Maybe I’m just nuts…

  7. Thanks Kim. For me it’s more that I can’t figure out my passion or what I want/need to do in order to fulfill me. I have no obligations like you do. I’m alone and have all the time in the world to follow my dreams actually. My child rearing days are over, I’m single and working PT… So I really could do anything. I just can’t figure anything out. πŸ™‚

  8. Yes, I like routine very much myself being an OCD/ADD person. I love knowing what needs to be done every day…very good point. What I was trying to say is that my soul hungers to feel like I will leave an important mark when I’m gone with all the awful things going on in this world. That I will do some good to help. I was to have some real meaning to my life……

  9. I have felt this forever Ran. That sense I’m meant to do more than I have done thus far. For me it’s not just now at this age…that’s the problem. And now that I actually have the time and space, it feels more urgent. And now I feel like I should have a better grip on what it should be, like after all this time, I should know better–but I still don’t? I don’t get it. It’s baffling to me.

  10. Thanks Ann. It’s not really about being a good person though…. It’s something deeper that’s hard to explain. It’s a very personal feeling and not something that I measure against others. I have felt this way for as long as I can remember, so it’s not really an age thing. Just like there’s something more, deeper, more meaningful. Maybe it’s still yet to come… I always appreciate your feedback! xo

  11. I do because it’s so varied. And you are very bold. Unfortunately, I have to censor currently because of certain readers I have, but maybe someday I can be more free. You really bare your soul. It’s quite lovely. And your stories are deep. Very soulful.

  12. I actually think I understand. I have worked with at-risk high school and college students for close to 20 years. It’s meaningful work, but I feel I have done what I can and paid my dues. Now it’s time for me to do something for me. Is this what you mean?

  13. Exactly Kim. I didn’t want to sound selfish, but it’s gone beyond helping all the people in my immediate family or the ones on the ambulance. It was very rewarding work. And I know that being nice day to day is really important too, but I still feel there is more, or should be? Maybe not? I don’t know. Something still feels lacking. A glow, a light, a vision. I just having hit the right timing yet? It’ll come…I hope.

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