New Wheels

Down here most every where I go is by car. The traffic is nuts and the drivers are crazy. I’ve read we have some of the worse drivers in the country and I can definitely say that I agree. They are impatient and rude and usually not safe. The roads are simply scary.

I moved down here with my beloved Bianchi racing bicycle, but never had the guts to ride it anywhere. You would never find me riding on these roads on that bike with these crazy drivers! No thanks. 

But I have missed doing some riding and I live in a great little community. So I figured if I could sell my bike maybe I could get something more suitable for just tooling around the neighborhood or going to the gym and pool.

Last weekend I lucked out and got a buyer who wanted it for actual riding not parts. I got almost the asking price and she got an amazing deal. Honestly I helped out a kid in need.

And today I got my new baby. Perfect for my new needs, although not as slick or fancy. Still it’s a great brand, a Trek, and the shop was very helpful.

So tomorrow I try her out! After all, I’m not as young  as I used to be,  so a sweet commuting/touring bike is perfect for me now!


20 thoughts on “New Wheels

  1. Traffic is nuts in Florida! But I hope your new bike works out for you. I got a bike a few years ago, but don’t ride it nearly as much as I should. Mostly because I live in a hilly area, and discovered the hard way that at my age, I do best on flat surfaces. But if you can make it work, bikes are the best way to go!

  2. Of course it was pouring today so I couldn’t ride it…and I always wear a helmet, so I’m not sure I’ll feel the wind in my hair (ha ha), although hardly anyone down here wears one. It’s mostly for riding to and fro to save time walking everywhere. It’ll be nice for commuting and a bit of exercise! xo

  3. It looks stunning, sleek and sexy…so enticing …all the very best for your ride. I wish I could ask you…may I borrow it for just one simple and short ride…

    Loved your choice…

  4. My last bike was actually muck sleeker because it was a racing bike. This one is for commuting around the neighborhood and is heavy. But it is what I wanted and is perfect. I haven’t ridden it yet because it has been raining. Ha ha…you are funny. If you came, you could try it, although I fear it would be too small for you. Having the right fit for a bike is very important for a good ride. I had a bike that was too big once and it ruined most rides. Do you ride a bike much?

  5. Actually I love to ride motorcycle… I don’t ride bicycle…but I wish to ride one ….but time is the constrain…

    Hahaha I love your bike the most because it’s your bike…I would love to try my hands on them…… Oh…does it have pillion seat…?

  6. Ah, well, motorcycle is a different thing altogether! 🙂 Yes, a bike is much slower, but more athletic. I’m not sure what kind of seat you mean? It’s a wider seat, but not real soft.

  7. Hahaha I was just kidding …I knew your bike does not have any pillion seat…I meant where one more guy can sit …it’s a sort of carrier …any way …just forget it was not making any sense…

  8. Ah but I have ridden a bicycle built for two. I was petrified! The person in the front has all the control and it scared me. My husband (at the time) and I thought we might be able to ride together (he was much faster), but it didn’t work because I was too chicken. 🙂

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