Sometimes in life we make promises to ourselves and other times we make them to others. 

Hopefully we can keep these promises.

But when we can’t, we have only ourselves to face. Because ultimately a promise made is really a deal with yourself even if it was to benefit another person.

How many promises float in your world?


27 thoughts on “Promises 

  1. I’m usually mindful about promises I make to people. I try and keep them and honor them as fast as I can.
    But making promises to myself, I see to fail there………………because we all are Procrastinators.

  2. It’s not always about lying I suppose. Sometimes it’s the lack of courage to sacrifice something of our own for others. Not everyone can do that.

  3. Yes, we should be good about honoring promises to others…that is good karma. And we aren’t good about caring for ourselves and keeping our promises to ourselves I suppose. It may seem self absorbed somehow? But I think we should be good with those too! It shows self love! xo

  4. Let the life flow…the way it wanted…promise that I would appreciate and accept what ever would come to my way totally and absolutely….lol..

    Here I am trying to be behave like preacher…just ignore me…if you don’t like…

    But do let me know if you like…?😊

  5. Ah, but you must promise me that you practice what you preach sir. 🙂 Sometimes life flows, sometimes we pick things to come our way. Is it free will? I feel like I wish for things and in some way they do happen, but not always the way in which I ask. You don’t really preach, maybe you suggest? It’s fine because it’s done lovingly I hope.

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