Like A Dummy

No-one like to feels like a dummy. But I think we all can agree that the first day of any new job can make any of us feel that way. Even if it’s a job that we may have experience doing, but especially if it’s something new or if we’re rusty doing it. Then, it’s easy to feel like we’re back in elementary school when the teacher calls on us and we don’t know the answer.

Today was my first day at my new job! And mind you, I made a conscious decision to get out of healthcare! So I totally understood that I could make myself look silly starting over at something completely different. I simply could not take it any longer in a field that I personally feel is rampant with unhappy, over-worked and often petty employees.

So I began to apply to anything that remotely appealed to me or where I thought I might have a half a chance of getting a job. I had certain criteria of course: Part-time was preferable for the pets; close to home if possible; if it had to be a big corporation again, then hopefully it would be decent or have good benefits with it; and if I was lucky, maybe be something I actually wanted to do! Another dream part of the job, of course, would be if I ended up working with great people….

Well, I’ve ended up in a sweet little position working as a cashier at a local Farm market. The farm itself is huge and specializes in sustainability, organic vegetables and fruit, locally grown also, U-pick on the property, all sorts of local breads and other wonderful items. What a difference working in a place that smells nice! It can’t compare to the smells on the ambulance!

They had a sign on the Cash register that said: Cashier in training, Be Nice! So they even have a sense of humor. As I bumbled along trying to figure out why they considered an avocado a fruit and which items were sold singly and which by the pound, my customers were very patient. And even though I thought I knew my vegetables pretty well having been a vegetarian for 40 years, a rutabaga looks pretty much like a turnip when you’re in a hurry.

A place that has a 21-year-old in charge because he’s been there since he got out of High School (he told me his goal is actually to become a fire fighter/paramedic–imagine that), can’t be all bad. And they even have an AED, so while the boss wants me to save him if he has a cardiac arrest, he wasn’t sure the batteries were working. Yikes. Stick with farming dude!

So while I was nervous and felt like pretty dumb at times, everyone was helpful and assured me at the end of the shift, I wasn’t fired yet. Even though I didn’t do a very good job wrapping the breads that came in either. Maybe it’s just the perfectionist in me? And this place seems to have my most/all of my criteria for jobs too? Time will tell…

But riding home in my car I thought: gee, I used to save lives didn’t I? I guess eventually I’ll get the hang of this won’t I? Of course I’m older now…but like we used to say in the back of the ambulance: just pretend you know what you’re doing and be nice. The customer/patient may not notice it’s not true…..


30 thoughts on “Like A Dummy

  1. I’m glad you got this job, and I think that with time you will truly enjoy it. The first few days at a any job are stressful, but I think you will settle in nicely!

  2. I know I will…it’s just me being me. I like to pick things up quickly. And I did realize that most jobs have poor training…even this one, good as it seems. They kind of throw you to the wolves too quickly leaving the employee feeling inadequate right away. This is more the fault of the employer than the employee, but it’s not good on the onset. It was something I battled when I worked at the fire station training my new EMT’s, but butt heads with my Captain about… It’s just not fair to leave people feeling not ready too early.

  3. Completely different than jobs I’ve had for years! I did work in retail many, many years ago when I was much younger. Should be fun once I feel comfortable. Thanks for the well wishes…I appreciate it so much! xo

  4. congrats on the new job.
    those of us in health care more often than not, get caught up in saving others lives, we forget we need to save out life first..

  5. Thanks so much dear. Well, in my last job as a secretary in the OR I was no longer even saving lives, so it was really a waste. I didn’t even that as an excuse to stay! But I know what you mean…it can keep you staying long after one should. This job is lovely on my mental and physical well being! The smells and delightful, the atmosphere soft and pleasant and good food that is locally grown or gotten from small businesses is still important to the world. So I feel good about what I am doing. Plus I have people contact again too! xo

  6. This sounds so suited for you right now…. the first few days or week can be confusing but you will catch on and be having a blast and coming up with new ideas before you know it! And vegetables are right in your comfort zone, as is being in a job close to your environmental heart! Blessings in the new endeavor my friend😘

  7. Yes, I really like it so far. Hopefully they like me too. There are a couple of really sweet folks too. Interestingly I have to really pay close attention to the vegetables when ringing them up, and have to brush up on many of them! I don’t know them as well as I thought. But it’s fun all in all. xoxoxo

  8. You are very sweet, but it’s hardly a career dear. I’m just a PT cashier. 🙂 Pretty simple, but I just like to be good at everything I do right away. Ha ha. I hate to make the customer wait, you know? But they have all been very patient. Luckily it’s the kind of place where people are really nice and not in a big rush. xo

  9. wellll !!! me thinks this will actually be helping saves lives by your joyous self empowering folks to eat and be healthier !!! I share your joy full ness !!!

  10. Aren’t you sweet. Well, kind of. It is definitely something I believe in for sure….small local bakeries and businesses, our local veggies and cool organic stuff. 🙂

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