Back To Work 

Guess the house will be a bit different starting next week because Mom goes back to work. We will have to occupy our time with stuffed mice and resting and such until she gets home. Luckily she’ll only be working part-time this this time so we won’t be left alone as much. 

As you can see my brother is still annoyed about it, but he’ll get over it. It’s a nice little job working for a family run sustainable local farm in the market. Mom will be around all the fresh vegetables and fruits. Since that’s all she eats she seems pretty happy about it, so I’m trying to be happy too.

Who knows, maybe they even  grow organic catnip?


31 thoughts on “Back To Work 

  1. This is great news!!!! I am very happy that the job worked out for you. And part time will still let you be available for your mom if she needs you. Hope all is well my friend……😘

  2. aww good luck ness !! check out where abbe works sometime – and she’s doing well, feeling good about herself and what she does — soso

  3. I will indeed! Funny, but I got an email from the airport today about calling one of their recruiters to be interviewed, but this is much more “me”, so I am sticking with it. And the Universe wanted it too for me because they were actually going to let me know today, but called yesterday instead. If they in fact had maybe called me today, I might have acted on the job interview…

  4. Aw me too love! Of course one never knows until we actually start, but it seems like a good possibility. And the airport contacted me too about an interview, but I’m sticking with this. I’d rather a small place than a big corporation again!

  5. It seems like it might work out. Fingers crossed. The airport job sent an email today too about an interview, but I declined. My gut tells me this one will be better…let’s hope I’m right for once! 🙂

  6. I don’t think so…bad hours most likely and it said about lifting heavy luggage onto the ramp, which I doubt my shoulders might not take. I’m going with this one for now and try to be hopeful. If it doesn’t work out, then I may pursue that at a later time. This one seems right for the dog and all too.

  7. Actually, my hands will only be on a cash register! 🙂 I’m in the market end of the farm. It’s a cool place after my first day. Nice folks and there will be a learning curve for sure… 🙂

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