A New Trend??

Today was a day that I was particularly thankful to be a cat and not a turkey or pig or some other animal that humans in this country find especially edible on this day. Luckily my mom never feels that way about any animals so in our house they all would be safe. Of course I don’t necessarily agree with her in certain cases, like when those silly mice feel they can come barging into my space… Well, I may not really eat them but do some serious damage I’m afraid and mom gets pretty annoyed with me. She believes all creatures should be allowed to live in peace.

Maybe so, I know that I live that way along with my brother and sister. We are privileged I suppose and I am not sure why it happened that way. So I will be grateful and try to be better about being inhospitable to any furry visitors from now on…but I can’t promise. Maybe I can start a trend and humans  will be kinder too?

But I doubt it.


18 thoughts on “A New Trend??

  1. I suppose my initial thought was ‘of course humans aren’t going to be kinder if you’re approaching it as if it’s already going to fail’. But 40 years is a long time and I’m guessing you’ve tried happy,cheery and confident, love- all -creatures way too. I would think there are more vegan/vegetarian now then there were 40 years ago at least. An that’s a positive, ya? 🙂

  2. When I first started it was almost impossible to find food to eat in restaurants etc. No-one understood what I was even talking about, so yes, there is more understanding for sure. But not enough to save our planet. Try watching Cowspiracy if you’re interested…. 🙂

  3. I only watched the 15 minute version of it but geeze, these are some notes I made:

    definitely didnt know it took so much water to produce a hamburger patty.
    nor the gasses compared to the vehicles. wow. and thats a lot of poop.
    and very interesting about the netting in the oceans. and if we did that on land, how upset people would get.

    ‘second hand eating’ thats quite the term.
    what a fact: the kids not getting enough food but yet the livestock gets fed and the meat goes to richer families.
    the land used in order to be vegan compared to someone who eats it all, is wowzy.

    Thank you very much for suggesting that. It provoked a lot of thoughts. and the milk. Didn’t realize that dairy is not that necessary for our bodies?
    Sad facts that I am happy to know about. I’m more aware already and it’s a good feeling.
    Thanks again for the mention.

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