It struck me today as I was busting a gut on the workout equipment at the gym, that I heard somewhere that we only have so many heartbeats in our life time. So here I am, with my heart racing away and I think: is it good or bad that I’m working out so hard like this and all the years I did it? If we only have so many heartbeats allotted to us, then if we raise our heart rate working out so much, won’t we use those heart beats up sooner? Or is the converse true and we create a stronger heart like the American Heart Association would like us to believe? Or doesn’t it really matter??


Are the number of heart beats given to us figured out ahead of time? I’m sure some would say yes, along with the exact moment we are going to die, so who cares if we do this or anything else, because it’s all planned no matter what anyway?

And yet some of us work really hard to extend our lives by eating right, exercising, keeping our stress down, wearing our seat belts and doing all the right things. But we know, somewhere keep down in our subconscious, that when it’s our time, we can’t beat the facts. We maybe aren’t extending anything really because it will happy anyway–just the way it’s supposed to, when the beats are up.

Humans like to feel they are in control. So we keep on those treadmills, hoping that it’s helping rather than beating us closer to our allotted usage. Some like to test fate and do crazy things, but I’m not a gambler. I’ll be here far shorter than I’ll be gone. I plan to cherish it and play it safe as I can.

But if all the right things I have done don’t take me to all the heartbeats I hope to get to, well then, it hasn’t been a waste anyway. Because the choices I made were for other reasons too, so I’m perfectly satisfied I made them!


12 thoughts on “Heartbeats

  1. This provoked interesting thoughts! Cool. “I’ll be here far shorter than I’ll be gone. ” i liked that line alot. It makes me understand the importance of being happy in these beats. Whether I’m at my desired weight and fit level or not. Cuz either way, the beat is gonna end when it’s going to end.

  2. I guess it is all about potential, what you do may extend your life in ideal circumstances, but being hit by a tram is never anything to do with ideal circumstances, so it is either a lottery or just fate. At the end of the day, if it feels good, do it 😀

  3. makes me think about the wonderful song from Rent – 525 600 minutes — gorgeous song – and i’m so blessed to have you in my life sooo long ! every heart beat!

  4. That’s what I say at the end…I have other reasons for what I do, I like doing it anyway. And yes, our heartbeats may end for a variety of reasons we can’t count on, and that may be part of some plan according to certain people. It was just a weird thought I had…so I thought I’d share……

  5. Thanks for appreciating this post. The thought just came to me and struck me…I wanted to share it and see what others thought. Yes, we must just be grateful for each beat we are here! xo

  6. “Humans like to feel they are in control.”
    So true! Thanks for sharing this 🙂 I found you via 200 Saturdays Until Paris, who nominated both of us in the “Attitude of Gratitude” post. Rock on!

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