Poem : Silly Humans 

Looking at the world 

From this vantage point I sit 

Humans seem silly 

They chatter and gawk 

And stop to take foolish snaps

Does this mean they care?


34 thoughts on “Poem : Silly Humans 

  1. Wow… those are some beautiful birds. You must be discovering some really interesting wildlife there. Love your pictures. It is fun to see a new place through a loved ones eyes……😊

  2. That day I did…it was the first time I thought Florida could be beautiful. The ocean is pretty, but it’s too built up with too many people. But this preserve was truly lovely. I just wish I saw an alligator!

  3. Sadly sometimes we are up to more than antics…we are up to no good when it comes to animals. That’s why so many are extinct…and that’s why they fear us….

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